5 Things to Know When Choosing Bed Linen






Bed linen plays a key role in the quality of your sleep and this means it can affect your life, more or less. There are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to choosing great bed linen. Here are some of the key basics you’d need to know about for a start. 

How it Feels

The way your linen will feel against your skin is always a number one concern. At the end of the day, it is all about getting a good night’s sleep, and your choice can impact this part of your life more than you really know.

As much as you’d pay attention to every important factor when you choose your linen, it all comes down to how it feels in the end. Thus, before you can look for specific fabrics, weaves, and so on, you’d first need to know exactly how you’d like your linen to feel – warm, cosy, silky smooth, or just cool and crisp!


Fibre plays a key role in how your linen can feel. Natural fibres are recommended for all the right reasons; however, you might opt for synthetic fibre based on your personal preferences. Types of cotton are widely used in bed linen owing to various great properties/characteristics.

They are breathable and biodegradable and feel amazing on your skin. You can choose from Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, linen bedding, and flannel. They all have many common properties; however, each may have one or two specific properties that make it more ideal for a specific purpose than the other.


How the fabric is woven is another key aspect that will affect the feel of your linen. You may want to know a little about fabric weaves and the differences so it makes it easier for you to choose the perfect linen for your bedroom. Microfibre, Twill, and jacquard are some of the weaves commonly opted for. Each of them will offer a unique texture to the linen, which contributes to the overall feel. 

Thread Count

When it comes to cotton sheets, in particular, the thread count matters, which again, contributes to the texture and overall quality of the sheet. However, you need to know that the quality of your linen is certainly not entirely determined by the thread count and that a high thread count does not always mean high quality. It’s a combination of factors including all of the above that finally determines the quality and feel of your bed linen. 

Styles and Colours

Once again, it comes down to your personal preferences. There is usually a large range of styles, colours, and designs you can choose from when it comes down to bed linen. You can choose your favourite out of the lot quite easily. However, while looking out for your favourites, you need to make sure that the colours and styles you pick will complement the rest of your bedroom beautifully to create the right ambience. Pay attention to the size of your bedroom, the colours of the walls, the furniture, and the rest of the little factors so you can pick some gorgeous bedding for your little haven. 

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